Born in 1989, Rainbow used to be called Lingen. Ourcompany engages in research and development, production and sales of electricalmachines. After 20 years effort, we have gained wider experience and beenskilled. And now, as a well-known electrical machinery manufacturer,......

Superior supplier: our raw materials are qualified and have a stable

  supply chain.
  Lean manufacturing: “A pcs”policy, process control, close inspection.
  Years brand management: various operational channel , excellent
  public reputation, in favor of the product promotion.
  We take control of the whole inspection
  process strictly, which guarantees our
  qualification rates.
  We firmly believe that where there’s no
  need for after-sales, there is the best
  after-sales service.
  We will recall the products that is
  defective or have material fault.
  We to provide you with one to one
  There is a professional technical
  team in our company, which will
  provide customers effective
  accessorial services for free.

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