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After-sales service commitment
Rainbow remains committed to the spirit of high-quality, quality service and continuous development. Quality goods, reasonable prices and intimate services are our marketing concepts and responsibility as well as publicity is our business principle. We make a commitment to you seriously:

  1. Inspection report of product distribution, which guarantees that customers will acquaint with the performances of this product timely.
  2. We promise that our outgoing products are produced and inspected according to national standards. Otherwise, they do not leave the factory absolutely. Within 12 months from the date of delivery or 6 months of product installation, outgoing products are allowed to be fixed or replaced for free, providing that buyers ensure the installation and use of product being correct and the product being defective in designs, materials or processing. Also, buyers should submit a written application to us.
  3. Once users put forward the quality problems, we are sure to do with them within 48 hours. If it’s a technical problem, we will send our professionals, which is a one-to-one service. Our company will keep every user’s feedback about quality problems and results on file.
  4. If there are following situations, we will accept the paid repair for the products under guarantee:

(1)damaged by user or the irresistible nature;
(2)damage caused by improper operation;
(3)damaged by transformation, decomposition or assembly.
5、Our company do not bear the joint costs brought by defective products which need fixing and exchanging. This after-sales service commitment can replace any other product quality guarantees, and it is considered as the only compensation of buyers and the only responsibility of sellers.
6、We take the formal contact as the ultimate standard.

Service propose: efficient, responsible, and solvable
Service tenet: try our best to work for customers

  We take control of the whole inspection
  process strictly, which guarantees our
  qualification rates.
  We firmly believe that where there’s no
  need for after-sales, there is the best
  after-sales service.
  We will recall the products that is
  defective or have material fault.
  The goods are guaranteed for five
  years ,from date of sale, providing not
  damaged by the user or the nature.
  There is a professional technical
  team in our company, which will
  provide customers effective
  accessorial services for free.

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