About us

Rainbow adheres to the quality bearing responsibility and is committed to providing users with high-quality, safe and environment-friendly high-performance products. Adhere to technology to create advantages, and strive to promote industrial progress, support enterprise development and realize product upgrading through innovation. Adhere to service highlighting value, and strive to meet customers' growing expectations with continuously improved services. While pursuing the continuous progress of products, we are always committed to providing users with high-quality service experience. With the slogan of "ideal, service" and the concept of "professionalism, peace of mind and enjoyment", we are determined to create a comprehensive high-quality automobile life for users.

Rainbow is mainly engaged in high-end auto parts. The company has always won the trust of customers with integrity, innovation, professionalism and service. After several years of honing in the auto parts industry, we have gained too much. Facing the future, we will abide by the integrity management, serve wholeheartedly, create effective value for customers, continue to root in end customers, go hand in hand with friends, go through hardships and forge ahead!